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Buster & Jack Series - Episode 1 : "The Harbour"
The fatherly Harbour Master warns Buster and Jack not to stop and land at their destination, the little island jetty. There had been a bank robbery on the island. The only way the cat burglar can escape is by boarding Buster, and the Harbourmaster is concerned for Buster's safety. Buster and Jack put two heads together as a team, and cooperate to outwit the cat burglar. This episode demonstrates concern for others, and the positive value of teamwork and cooperation.
Buster & Jack Series - Episode 2 : "The Birthday Party (A New Friend)"
Kind-hearted Buster invites the bad tempered Crayfish to his birthday party. The Crayfish changes his mind at the last minute and decides to attend. By doing so, the Crayfish makes many new friends in the harbour, particularly with Buster and Jack. Buster and Jack realise that including a usually forgotten person can lead to marvellous friendships. This episode demonstrates the the positive effects of social inclusion.
Buster & Jack Series - Episode 3 : "The Ghost Ship"
While fishing at night time, the Crayfish gets a scare when he sights an old, creaking ghost ship. A thick fog sets in the next day and a huge collision between the ghost ship and a large car ferry is avoided by the quick thinking actions of Buster and Jack. Buster and Jack are recognised as local heroes and have their photograph in the harbour newspaper. This episode demonstrates concern for others, and positive recognition for good deeds.
Buster & Jack Series - Episode 4 : "Not Feeling Very Well"
All of Buster’s friends rally around to give support when Buster falls ill. The mechanical Hermit Crab is sent for to give medical assistance. Jack offers to be Peter’s assistant. The Doctor and Nurse team find the troublesome oil leak and fix it, restoring Buster to good health. This episode demonstrates concern for others, and the positive value of cooperation and persistence.
Buster & Jack Series - Episode 5 : "Captain Kate & Grandma Madge"
The Pirate Pelican, Captain Kate steals the Crayfish's orange boat, and worst of all, gives the boat to her awful Grandma Madge. Buster and Jack rally all the folk of the harbour together to strike a happy deal to exchange the pirate Captain’s Grandma Madge for the orange boat and a navy vessel as well. Captain Kate looks about, and realises this is a friendly harbour where folk help each other out.'Its a deal ,'says Captain Kate. 'This isn’t the harbour for Pirates. This episode demonstrates achieving positive outcomes through negotiation.
Buster & Jack Series - Episode 6 : "Buster & Jack, The Brave"
A storm has come down. The Harbour Master calls out to any boat to help a rabbit family out in the big ocean. Buster and Jack make the awful decision to leave their safe Harbour to assist. The Harbour Master’s radio goes down and he is later horrified that Buster and Jack are the ones to respond to his call. The rabbits are rescued by our brave duo, but it’s the Mother Whale, who rescues everyone, to bring them home to safety. This episode demonstrates concern for others and the positive value of heroic actions.
Buster & Jack Series - Episode 7 : "Lost"
Buster and Jack face their biggest job for the day when they find out they must transport a turtle family of 12 across the harbour. Everything was going well until one of the turtles mistakenly got left behind and lost. This episode demonstrates positive thinking to overcome stressful and panic situations.
Buster & Jack Series - Episode 8 : "Wild Brumbies of the Sea"
Buster and Jack are informed that a young seahorse has gone missing. They also find out that the Cat Burglar is back and is up to no good. Could the two be connected? This episode demonstrates that playing hero can be dangerous and when lives are at stake it is best to call the authorities.

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